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Executive Staff

District Missionaries

Evangelist Margaret Barnett, Chairperson

Evangelist Janice Edmond, Coordinator


Evangelist Shameen Jackson

Executive Finance

Evangelist Erica Sawyer, Secretary

First Lady of the Jurisdiction

First Lady Arabella Harper

Jurisdictional Marshall

District Missionary Nanette Glynn

Finance Committee

Supervisor  Rozetta Allen, Chairperson

Curriculum Specialist & Examiner

Dr. Frances Blackshear

Christian Education Director

Evangelist Lillie Smith, Chairperson

Evangelist Mellinee Collins, Vice-Chair


District Missionary Marilyn Lester

Evangelist Stephanie Joyner, Vice-Chair

District Missionaries

 Evangelist Patricia Baker (w/o charge)

Evangelist Margaret Barnette (Chairperson)

Evangelist Sheila Baxter

Evangelist Errica Cooper

Evangelist  Mellinee Collins (w/o charge)    

Evangelist Natalee Dixion

Evangelist Claudette Duncan

Evangelist Janice Edmond

 Evangelist Nannette Glynn

 Evangelist Leslie Graham

Evangelist Deborah Harrison                       

Evangelist Lucy Hill      

Evangelist Cindy Jamison (w/o charge)               

Evangelist Winifred Jones         

Residential Supervisors of Foreign Countries

Supervisor Claudette Duncan ~ Malawi Jurisdiction Supervisor Frances Blackshear w/o Charge

Supervisor Gloria Johnson-Rodgers ~ Nigeria Jurisdiction

Evangelist Doris Lane

Evangelist Barbara Lassic

Evangelist Constance Loynes

Evangelist Marilyn Lester (w/o charge)

Evangelist Margaret Moore Hill

Evangelist Mary Murray

Evangelist Joann Rayford

Evangelist Joyce Robinson

Evangelist Vivian Ruffin

Evangelist Rachel Simmons

Evangelist Mary Tolbert (w/o charge)

Evangelist Sharon Warren

District Missionary Sallie Starks (Emeritus)

Residential Supervisors of Foreign Countries

Supervisor Rozetta Allen ~ Barbados First Jurisdiction

Supervisor  Frances Blackshear w/o charge  

Supervisor  Beatrice Booker - Portugal

Supervisor  Claudette Duncan ~ Malawi Jurisdiction

Supervisor  Lolitha Flucker - Venezuela

Supervisor  Deborah Harrison ~ Chile Jurisdiction

Supervisor  Margaret Moore Hill w/o charge

Supervisor  Beverly Joyner ~ Jamaica Jurisdiction

Supervisor  Diane Van Dyke ~ Barbados Jurisdiction

Asst, Supervisor Joan Jordan Woolard ~ Greater Jamaica Jurisdiction  

Assistant Supervisor of Women

Mother Leslie Graham

Auxiliary Presidents

Evangelist Joann Davis, President

Dr. Frances Blackshear

Evangelist Lillie Smith

Evangelist Marcia Brown - Thompson

Mother Hornethia Ford


Evangelist Joan Woolard

Evangelist Pauline Moten

Evangelist Betty Ficklin

Evangelist Errica Cooper

Evangelist Shameen C. Jackson

Evangelist Mary Wright

Evangelist Patricia Watts

Mother Willie Mae Terrell

Evangelist Donna Cook

Evangelist Cynthia Vaughan

Mother Arabella Harper

Evangelist Brenda Cooper

Evangelist Rebecca Gordon

Mother Ruth Starks

Evangelist Shindana Johnson

Sister Daima Jackson

Evangelist Glenda Knight

Evangelist Sharon McDowell

Sister Teresa Favors

Evangelist Juanita Garrett

Evangelist Sharon Matthews

Evangelist Richunda Robinson

Evangelist Dionne Allen



Business & Professional Women, Chair

Christian Education, Chair

Christian Women Council, Chair

Church Mother’s Board Chair

Deacon’s Wives, Chair

Elder’s & Minister’s Wives, Chair

Evangelist Elect Lady

Missionary Circle, Chair

Good Shepherd Coordinator

Hospitality, Chair

Hospitality, Vice Chair

Executive Hospitality, Chair

Mother’s Board, Chair

Nurses Coordinator

Overcomers, Chair

Pastor’s Wives, Chair

Pastor’s Wives, Vice Chair

Prayer & Bible Band, Chair

Prayer & Bible Band, Emeritus

Purity Class, Chair

Purity Class, Assistant

Sunday School Field Representative

Sunshine Band, Chair

Sunshine Band, Assistant

Superintendent’s Wives, Chair

Women’s Choir

Young Women Christian Council, Chair

YPWW Chairlady



Evangelist Joan Jordan Woolard                     	                                                             Public Relations